Anjelika Glumova

Anjelika Glumova – the founder and the irremovable leader of Zabava. She graduated from the State University of Saratov in 1988. As a student, she used to be a member of several Saratov folk groups. In 1987 she founded Zabava – the group of her own, nowadays known as a profound folk ethnographic studio.

Angeliкa regards her major objectives as follows:

  • organizing activities of all the branches of Zabava,
  • carrying out ethnographic expeditions, festivals of traditional culture, calendar festal days,
  • involving talented young people into the group,
  • deciphering and systematizing the folklore samples acquired during the expeditions over the Saratov and the Volgograd regions,
  • preparing and recording radio and TV programs, CDs and DVDs of folk songs and dances, and much more in the same strain.