On the 4th of December 2010 Zabava is holding annual folk festival dedicated to Michael’s Day. This year the folk studio welcomes guests from Moscow - youth ensemble ‘Donskaya Vyaz’ and the leader of the folk group ‘Kazachiy Krug’ Vladimir Ivanov.

Zabava came up with the idea of the Cossack mini-festivals 16 years ago and since that time has been inviting the guests from various regions of Russia every year on Michael’s Day. In various years Zabava received guests from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kaluga, Vladimir, Novosibirsk, Volgograd region.

  In the first part of the concert the audience will enjoy Cossack ballades, dance and marching songs, see the lively dances of Don’s Cossacks. After the pause the participants of the concert will engage all spectators into the real Cossack ‘vecherka’, a joyful chain of traditional games and dances.