“Zabava” spent August 2012 in sunny Bulgaria. We participated in the festival of national clothing in Zheravna, then moved to the 40th International festival in Burgas and eventually organized International Youth Folklore Project “Horovod” in Nessebar.

Marvelous in authenticity, festival in Zheravna became one of the most flamboyant moments of this summer for “Zabava”. Hundreds of people wearing old national costumes during three days were all into the atmosphere of Bulgarian village of the 19th century. Nestinars’ coal-dances, night “horo” around the bonfire crowned the festival, so we decided to get back there again some day!


The 40th International Festival in Burgas, just as we expected, turned to be wide scale and pompous event. That was very prestigious for us to participate in that kind of a festival, that was also very pleasant to meet folk groups from France, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia and even from Indonesia. 



However the most important project of this summer for “Zabava” was International Youth Folklore Project “Horovod” that took place in Old Nessebar from 25 to 30 of August. Our group, along with City Hall of  Nessebar, was the organizer of the Festival. Half-year long chatting in social networks, managing work, agreements and other things like these and here we are, hosting groups from Lithuania, Bosnia, Macedonia, and of course, from Bulgaria and Russia, in a beautiful old town of Nessebar. We tried to organize our festival as an informal, homelike event with a wide range of social opportunities for the youth, such as dance nights and night swimming at the sea (which isn’t very common during so-called large fests, where concert activities are supposed to be a main part). And according to the comments of the participants, we succeeded in it. Gala ended with remarkable “horo” in Old Nessebar. We are already working on the festival, “Horovod-2013”, so you’re welcome to join us next summer!