Anastasia Borovskaya

Anastasia Borovskaya (before marriage – Usacheva) is one of the leaders of “Zabava” and the main assistaint of the director.
She’s been a member of the ensemble since 1993, when her mother brought her younger sister to “Zabava” and Asya came as well, just in order to see what it was all about. Asya liked singing and dancing and then became an important member of “Zabava”, enjoying the warm atmosphere of folklore friendship. When Asya was a graduate of the department of History of Saratov State University, she devoted her diploma to the folklore movement in Russia. Nowadays she is working on this topic as a magister of Saratov Politechnic University.

Asya has got nature-born musical abilities, which she inherited from her grandmother who was Ukrainian, she has also always been interested in traditional culture, so it is quite logical that she became an effective researcher. Asya makes a lot for “Zabava”, for instance: deciphering expeditional materials, developing methodical recomendations in the sphere of Russian traditional clothing, costumes and dolls making, weaving etc. She is always ready to share the experience with youngsters. To say in one word, she is an irreplaceable member of our group!