Sergey Pushkin

Pushkin – is an ethnic Cossack. He was born and grew up in Volgograd region. Sergey came to “Zabava” in
2007, as he became a student of the department of Folklore Choirmasters of
Saratov State Conservatory. That was a year of the 20th anniversary
of “Zabava”, so since the first day in the ensemble he was involved in many
concerts devoted to this event. It also means that Sergey became an
irreplaceable member of “Zabava” very soon after his first appearance. It’s
important to mention that he is not a typical student of his department, he
really loves folklore and Cossack culture in particular. Another good thing
about him is that he is a brilliant accordion player. 
Unfortunately, Sergey has left our collective and has returned on the native land. Now he lives and works in the Volgograd area.