New participants of "Zabava"



Remarkable young men and two charming girls have come
to "Zabava" in september/october, 2010. This event became a new mark
in the history of our group: they dance, sing and they are also engaged in "slavic
struggle" and learn to play accordion-hromkа and  balalaika.

  But the most important advantages of our young growth
- sense of humour, intelligence and good education. The majority of new
participants - students or graduates of the
Saratov state university. We will hope for
their long and productive stay in "Zabava"!

Photo (from left to right): Ivan Ivanov, Anna Zhiromskaya, Nikita Udovenya, Andrey Subochev, Andrey Odintsov, Oksana Belousova, Anton Galishnikov, Alexandr Haritonov, Nikolay Starichkov, Denis Maiorov, Sergey Neverov.









        Anton Galishnikov                 Sergey Neverov                                                                                                                     


         Andrey Odintsov                        Nikita Udovenya                         Ivan Ivanov                         Nikolay Starichkov


        Andrey Subochev                     Anna Zhiromskaya           Denis and Oksana